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Alinto Drive

The French software alternative for professional online file sharing that gives you 100% control. Your files are stored wherever you want in order to share them easily and in a safe way.

The professional online file sharing solution

Files available…
Where you want, when you want!
Alinto Drive is designed so you can easily work on your documents from your computer, smartphone, tablet… Open it, modify it, share it! Your business follows you wherever you go thanks to our brand new online file sharing solution.

Identify yourself and begin to work: it’s that simple! Compatible with all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer…) and file explorers (PC, Mac, Linux), Alinto Drive allows you to share your documents in a safe way. With this secure file sharing solution you can benefit from our services without any installation. Long live freedom!

…with a modern interface.
Get familiar with Alinto Drive in only a minute. You don’t need more to figure out and control all its functions. As an administrator, you will manage all the users in a few clicks, according to your needs (quotas, rights…).

Alinto Drive The only true file sharing solution

Host it wherever you want!
In PaaS, SaaS or on the Cloud of your choice (private or public), it’s up to you. Unlike some services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you always know where your files are in order to get more security and tracking.

Mobility and security for this online file sharing solution

I want to know more about Alinto Drive.
The perfect tool for working, sharing – in short, progress!