Release Note Alinto Protect 1.10

Protect Release Note, 2016-08-23

New features

  • While adding an user or a domain to the W/B list, a form let you B/Wlist the element from the selected domains.
  • When you delete a W/B list element (user / domain), you can also delete it from every domains.
  • API Restful development (plateforms, domains, users, politics)


  • In the user edition form, the password change fields are now in an hidden part.
  • Adding an user in the roles list can now be done via a selection form of the domains then of the users.
  • While changing language from the preferences, this change is done immediatly.
  • While selecting the « roleSysAdmin » role, the « delete » button is now unavailable.
  • Template of the quarantine mail report + internationalization and taking into account of the user or domain language during the sending + autologin on Protect from the email


  • Server request security improvement.

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