Release Note Alinto Protect 1.11

Release date: 2016-11-02

Read only permission

You can create a read only access. You will be able to see all informations of the domain without having the capabilities to edit them.


Massive email releases

Email release consists on resending email stored in your quarantine, retention or archives into your final mailbox.
Now you are able to release the result of any email search.


Quarantine report activation

You can change the activation status of the daily quarantine report in the domain policy edition screen.
In a future version you will be able to configure your own settings for report delivery.

Restful API addition

This release contains several additions to the API.

  • Whitelist management API
    • You can manage the content of the whitelist of an user or a domain.
  • Blacklist management API
    • You can manage the content of the blacklist of an user or a domain.
  • Domain aliases API
    • You can manage the aliases for a domain name.
  • Mailing list management API
    • You can manage email addresses which are grouping some other email addresses.
  • Email releases API
    • You can resend into your final mailbox a message or a list of messages since a search request.

See the Alinto Protect API documentation here


Other changes

  • The quarantine mail report is not anymore sent to users who do not have spams in their quarantine.
  • The quarantine report email automatically connects you to the quarantine folder of the application.

Feedback and Help

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If you have any questions or problems, contact our support team at supportpro[@]