Release Note Alinto Protect 1.12

Release date: 2017-01-10


The 1.12 Protect version integrates restful API that allows a management of user’s security roles.
Some APIs’ URLs are now simplified. Old version of some APIs (V1) are still available, but we invite you to update to V2. Please you just have to change “v1” to “v2” in your urls and check the utilisation guide.

Quarantine Email

Optimization of the quarantine email report, it is now compliant with all your messaging clients.
The periodicity of sending this report is now configurable in the policy edition’s form.
quarantine report form

Specific role for editing storage durations:

  • Domain administrators cannot edit anymore the durations of quarantine/archive/retention storage. A new role is available by sysadmin for granting this access.



  • Improvement of the domain creation form : you must choose an existing platform or create a new one. But there is not anymore an automatic platform creation during the domain addition. You can also use a same platform for different domains.
  • Prevent the edition of platform datas in the domain form.
  • Remove domainId in the urls of the policy GET API
  • Add an API for searching users without domain specifications
  • Adding sorting and filtering functionalities on users API and domains API.


  • Correction of the filtrating name in platform drop-down menus
  • Fixing bug while importing active users in an inactive domain : users were importing as disabled
  • Adding some missing german translations