Release Note Alinto Protect 1.14

Release date: 2017-11-24

New features:

  • Adds the signature in the “emails” preferences
  • Adds the ability to enable or disable a user’s sender-verify
  • Adds the ability to enable or not the sender-verify of a domain
  • Adds an external reference on each domain, usable as part of a reference of
  • Weekly submission of an archiving report to domain administrators
  • Reconstruction of elasticsearch-based logs for compatible platforms




  • A domain is now active when created
  • Changes content of the drop-down list of platforms in domain forms
  • Removes “invalid license” message for regular users or administrators
  • Adds password restrictions
  • Allows manual activation of an account waiting for validation
  • Modifies content of the quarantine report : it now only shows the number of new messages.



  • Deletes the “pending validation” status in the domain edit form
  • Correction of removing aliases when deleting a user
  • Adds a check while creating an user : it now verifies that the name is not used for an alias