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Because your activity cannot work without an email hosting service, you have to be supported by a great Cloud email service, which has already convinced more than 15 000 companies and 3 million users over the last 15 years.

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A collaborative Cloud email solution

A unified Cloud email service for professionals
Discover Alinto Pro, the most complete email hosting service: a mobile and powerful web based email, also compatible with any mail clients, documents, calendars or contacts just a click away. Those services are always available through the POP, IMAP, Activ >Sync, CalDAV synchronization. Compatible with all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari…) and market environments (Windows, Mac, Linux…), your email is totally in the Cloud.

A fully secured hosting service
All your data is secured with encrypted protocols and protected by antivirus and powerful anti-spam. Your information is stored in Europe on a secured Cloud. Our teams supervise 24/7 platforms andreact instantly in case of trouble. On the email side, our partnership with Signal Spam, allows you to denounce controversial messages in a few clicks, so you can enjoy your hosted emails in the best conditions.

Service and mobility in your email, this is the key !
Alinto >Pro is available at any time and for any types of uses. You can access your hosted pro emails from a mail client (Outlook, Mail,Thunderbird…) or from the innovative webmail. Also gift with an intuitive touch interface, your emails follow you everywhere, both on a computer to your phone.

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Pay as you go
Alinto Pro is available in a web based solution, fully hosted on Alinto’s infrastructure. You only pay what you use. No more operational and safety issues. Our experts run this service available 24/7/365 and our support ensures you a personalized care.

Our high-availability and independant infrastructures are entirely managed by our internal teams. We control the deliverability of emails on all stages: firewall, antivirus, antispam, redundant servers, secured storage, applicative solutions, backup on different data centers. In short, Alinto Pro is a complete collaborative email hosting service “a la carte”!

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