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At Alinto, we know that your business relies on email for its daily operations. Email is critical, and you need to ensure that your business can communicate 24/7. With Alinto, you take out the complexity of email services and security needs, and you can focus on your core activities. 

Business-class email server
Transactional emails
Email cyber-threat protection

Secure and scalable email server

Email has become the backbone of business communications. Companies need to consider which email solution they want to use. Besides the inherent groupware functionalities, email must meet several requirements. Such as internal resources to manage the tool, concerns about data sovereignty or security and reliability issues that can make operating an email service a challenge. 

Business-class email server

Professional mail server for enterprises looking for a proven sovereign groupware solution that incorporates open-source technology.

Sovereign Exchange hosting

Secure Europe-based cloud hosting for the world's most used mail server. Designed to ensure that email is always accessible and protected from external threats in a secure and resilient environment.

Reach the next level of email deliverability

Marketing messages, digital invoices, password recoveries or booking confirmations: Your ERP, CRM, SCM or Marketing automation solutions generate a large volume of transactional emails. As the number of these emails increases, you face new technical challenges to ensure that these messages reach your recipient’s inboxes quickly without your IP addresses and domains being blacklisted by the operators.

SMTP relay for high volume email

Deliver high volume emails, such as transactional emails, with carrier-grade performance without worrying about the technical side of deliverability.

Protect your email service

Email security should be a top priority for every business, no matter the size. Cybercrime is increasing exponentially, and there are many email threats to be aware of. For companies that do not have in-house experts, it is not uncommon to get overwhelmed. Rely on a solution and its specialist email security provider to support you daily.

A smart shield for email threats

Cleanmail protects your users from any email security threats at the source. Thanks to our integrated spam fight team and artificial intelligence tools, spam, viruses and other phishing and spoofing messages are filtered out before they reach the user's inbox.

Email security for Public Sector and Healthcare device

Comprehensive services for your enterprise email solution

Alinto offers ready-to-use and proven email and security solutions that are ready to be tailored to each company. Our experts accompany each project to create solutions adapted to complex environments.

Sovereign hosting

Fully managed service

Multi-tenancy set up & configuration

Commissioning & Migration

Get started!

Take back control of your business email services, stay on top of email security and free up your resources!

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