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A growth project

In 2016, Philippe Gilbert and the Alinto SA partners decided to found the Alinto Group with the goal of becoming a significant international player in the world of Email.

The Alinto Group has chosen Siparex small caps as a new shareholder alongside its backerRhône Alpes PME, which supports the development of SMBs (small and medium size businesses) from Lyon.

This partnership with Siparex will allow the Alinto Group to benefit from the reinforcement of its resources in order to establish an international expansion policy, starting in 2016 by the purchase of the Swiss company Cleanmail, specialized inantispam filtering in the cloud since 2002.

Currently located in France, Spain, Germany and Romandie (French-speaking parts of Switzerland), Alinto is currently reinforcing both its international expansion and its presence in the German part of Switzerland. The business in Romandie already represents 20% of Alinto SA’s revenue.

The Alinto Group provides services over Europe to more than 2,000 clients and partners, with a revenue of 3 million euros, and expects to reach 5 million euros by 2020.

Alinto email service provider


Why the focus on email?

According to the Radicati Group, in March 2015 4.4 billion email addresses were in use, a figure which is expected to increase to5.6 billion by the end of 2019.

Considering that 25% of these are corporate email addresses, we could estimate that, by 2020, half of the world’s inhabitants will have an email address.

This technology was created in 1972, when Ray Tomlinson suggested using the “@” to separate the username from the machine, and it still generates exceptional growth rates at present. Between 2013 and 2017, the Global market has doubled from 9.8 billion $ to the 20 billion expected to 2017. The supported development of Alinto SA and Cleanmail is good evidence of that fact.

« Email is the best tool for interpersonal communication; it’s universal, efficient and cheap.  Since we began our venture, we have been continuously seeking new ways to develop and to form new collaborations: that’s why as a software provider we need to expand and propose our solutions to the widest possible range of users. Alinto’s internationalization is in our DNA and our customers benefit from this multicultural expansion. The creation of the Alinto Group is one more step in becoming a major worldwide player. » 

Philippe Gilbert

President , Alinto Group

« As partners of SMB development, we have followed Alintofrom the beginning, and we are really pleased to back them in reaching this new international stage by supporting this structural operation. With this new partnership, the Alinto Group will become a significant player in Europe. »

Cyril Fromager

President of Rhône-Alpes PME directory , Groupe Siparex

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