A collaborative, sovereign webmail service

Free, fully collaborative email messaging solution: share your emails, contacts and calendars with ease. Control your data by hosting it in the data center of your choice or on your own server.

Full groupware scalable

Interoperability with several backends

Sovereign email technology

The best TCO for your emails


Get a webmail system that's easy to use for both users and administrators. Because it's fast and uses few resources, our email solution only needs one server to host thousands of users.

Rich Web Interface

SOGo offers a seamless and rich web interface that competes with leading proprietary mail solutions. It comes with modern, user-friendly design which facilitates easy navigation and operation.

Integration Capabilities

The webmail client offers excellent integration capabilities with various open-source solutions like Thunderbird as well as with proprietary solutions such as Microsoft Outlook and mobile clients.

Calendaring and Contacts Management

The open source webmail solutions offers advanced calendaring, tasks, and contacts management features and supports CalDAV and CardDAV, making it ideal for businesses needing comprehensive scheduling and contact management solutions.

Security Features

SOGo has built-in encryption, support for secure authentication methods, and offers regular updates that ensure protection against vulnerabilities.


Add MailCleaner to secure your emails

Setting up secure webmail is a great first step, but it’s also important to fully protect your mailboxes. We provide MailCleaner Open Source, a dedicated anti-spam virtual server. Once installed, it protects your communications from spam, viruses and other threats delivered via email.

Installation and Deployment

The email solution fully leverages standard protocols such as IMAP and SMTP, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of mail servers and clients, thus offering flexibility and reliability in email communication.

The integration is further simplified by using your assets such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, your SQL database or your IMAP server. This approach avoids time-consuming data migrations as well as problems with duplicating or synchronising directory service data. In cases where you have few or no existing services, ZEG (Zero Effort Groupware) offers the possibility of immediate deployment. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.
The solution also provides migration scripts based on existing solutions and new scripts are being added.


Get it for free

Download our open source webmail that is easy to install, use and maintain.

Why choosing an open-source webmail solution?

Embracing open source webmail translates into strategic advantages for businesses seeking robust, adaptable email solutions. Here's why:


Tailor your email infrastructure to fit the unique demands of your operations, ensuring every feature aligns with your needs.


Benefit from the open source community's vigilance. Audit, modify, and enhance your system's security proactively.

Digital Sovereignty

Assert your independence from proprietary vendors, avoiding vendor lock-in and promoting a self-reliant email ecosystem.

Compliance and Privacy

Organizations with specific compliance and privacy requirements can tailor open-source webmail solutions to meet these needs, ensuring that they adhere to regulations and protect user data effectively.

Innovative Edge

Tap into the collective genius of the open source community, incorporating cutting-edge features and technologies ahead of the curve.

Cost Efficiency

Open-source webmail solutions are generally free to use, reducing the costs associated with licensing fees and subscriptions required by proprietary software

Choosing open source webmail positions companies for future growth, leveraging a system that’s secure, customizable, and ahead of technological trends.


SOGo Open Source Webmail

Unlock the full potential of your email communications with our leading open-source webmail solution designed for businesses and communities.

It stands out with its universal, responsive, and rich AJAX-based interface, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. It excels in professional integration, offering full support for standard protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV, and GroupDAV, along with a highly efficient ActiveSync integration for Microsoft Outlook users. This makes SOGo a versatile and reliable groupware server that emphasizes scalability and adherence to open standards.

As the front end component of your email infrastructure, the system is sitting in the middle of your servers to provide a unified and comprehensive interface for users to access their information effortlessly. Proven in environments supporting thousands of users, It guarantees performance and reliability at scale. Licensed under the GNU GPL/LGPL v2 and above, it is a testament to the power of open-source solutions in enhancing digital sovereignty and operational flexibility for businesses of all sizes.


A sovereign alternative to GAFAM messaging solutions

SOGo stands out as a sovereign alternative for several reasons.

Firstly, it allows users and organisations to have total control over their data by hosting it in the data centres of their choice or on their own servers.

Furthermore, being open source, it offers complete transparency over its source code, allowing the community to verify, modify and improve the software.

Finally, adopting our solution can be more economical, avoiding the recurring costs of GAFAM solutions, while supporting the community.

A solid European partnership


SOGo was developped

By the German company The Skyrix Web Groupware.


Inverse Inc takes over

Inverse Inc. from Montreal (Canada) continued to maintain and improve it, while adding a set of features and has launched the V5..


Alinto gets SOGo

As of September 2022, Alinto's promises not only to support this open-source project but to propel it into the future with a professional cloud version under the brand SOGomail brand, ensuring the platform's longevity and relevance.

This collaboration underscores Alinto’s dedication to promoting digital sovereignty, offering a European, open-source alternative to mainstream messaging services. With over 25,000 global deployments, SOGo benefits from an expansive community of users and developers, while Alinto enriches the ecosystem with comprehensive support and cloud hosting services. This synergy not only enhances the offering but also positions it as a prime choice for IT directors of SMEs and ETIs seeking secure, reliable, and sovereign email solutions.

For the open-source community, the sogo.nu website will continue to allow the download of V5 and access to support which will be provided by Alinto.

Success Story Koln University

The University of Cologne integrates SOGo webmail solution to its infrastructure to serve 50 000 users.

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