Sovereign Email Solutions

Give your team the tools they need to communicate and collaborate securely, with an easy-to-use platform with no compromise on digital sovereignty.

Data and email security are part of our DNA. Advocates for data and digital sovereignty since our foundation, we deeply understand your concerns and challenges. Email server that encapsulates open-source technology, on-premise or in the cloud, or sovereign cloud hosting for your exchange server. We get you covered.

Ready-to-use Open-Source

We have wrapped open-source groupware technology with sustainability and support to take the complexity out of your way.

Digital sovereignty

Data sovereignty enabler with no compromise on security and resilience.

Complete groupware functionalities

There is no compromise on groupware functionalities to offer the best internal and external collaborative communication functionalities.

Anytime and Anywhere

Today, a company's email and groupware service must be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


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« Alinto offers an efficient mail solution based on open source technologies that consider modern uses. »

General manager of services, Public administration

Ready to use Open-source

Open-source is part of your IT strategy, but complexity may become a drawback.

Ready to use open source addresses challenges linked to non-proprietary software, such as difficulty setting up and operating, compatibility issues, liabilities and warranties, and hidden costs.

We make sure your email server based on open-source technology is up and running quickly, with a customisable interface and an advanced administration interface that’s ready to go.

« Thanks to Alinto's solutions we have not been forced to go to the cloud and can keep control of our data. »

DPO, Medical centre

Digital Sovereignty

You are concerned by the digital sovereignty of your email communications and are looking to take the next step? We have solutions for your company's digital sovereignty needs.

Adopt email server software from Europe. Rely on a ready-use open-source mail server embedded in an advanced and easy to use administration environment.

Pick a sovereign cloud hosting provider for a secure and compliant email hosting solution for your business, focusing on regulatory compliance and transparency.

Select a Europe based cloud hosting partner for your Exchange server.

enterprise email

« We can finally share our agendas easily despite the different equipment of the users. »

COO, Web agency

Complete groupware functionalities

Offer your users an all-in-one collaborative email server that covers all you can expect groupware functionalities, compatible with all leading email clients and standard protocols.

User mobile

« Now I can access my email, contacts and calendar at any time. »

CEO, Consulting services

Anytime and Anywhere

The boundaries between private and professional, office, home and on the go are becoming increasingly blurred. Therefore your email services need to be ubiquitous. Make it easy for your employees to communicate from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

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Our services

Alinto offers standardised and proven email & security solutions that are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our experts accompany each project to create tailor-made solutions to fit complex environments.

Sovereign hosting

Fully operated service

Multi-tenancy set up & configuration


Find out what else we can do

We are specialised in sovereign email & security solutions that can be used stand-alone and are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our solutions adapt to your preferences and grow with your needs, on-premises or in the cloud.

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Get the secure email and groupware solution that helps your business focus on what matters most.

Success stories

Sogomail has been by Internet Providers, telecom operators, public organisations or SMEs to operate their business email communication.

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