Secure SMTP relay for companies with high email volumes

Send your transactional emails with confidence from your IP addresses and domains. No worries! Serenamail protects your network reputation and maximises email deliverability.

Not only your Marketing teams are sending large numbers of emails; your ERP systems or other CRM, SCM or mail servers also generate large volumes of transactional email such as paperless invoices, order forms, alerts, password recoveries, authentication codes, or appointment reminders. Leave the technical challenges to an email deliverability expert!

Maximised email deliverability

IP address and domain reputation protected

Priority routes for transactional emails

Secure SMTP self-care relay


Overcome the technical challenges related to bulk and large volumes of email campaigns. Serenamail SMTP relay optimises your outgoing email traffic according to the rules of the different inbox providers for carrier-grade performance.

High & Stable delivery rate

Alinto’s clean traffic technology as well as our team of deliverability experts work together to guarantee the highest delivery rates of your emails in your recipient’s inboxes.

Realtime traffic dashboard

Serenamail offers an advanced tracking and analytics interface, real-time overview, log files, and self-care log access, thanks to the ELK stack.

Safety and Security

When sending high volumes of emails, safety and security are essential to protect your company’s domain reputation. Secured authentication, SSL, SPF/DKIM and sending rules are all working together to protect your IP reputation.

Easy scalability and flexibility

Serenamail is available as SaaS and hosted & operated in our self-operated data centre. Serenamail can also be deployed on-premise or on a private cloud for very large configurations.

Explore beyond Serenamail SMTP relay

Alinto provides a range of email solutions and services for companies looking for independent email solutions.

Cleanmail Antispam & Antivirus

A smart shield to protect your email communication from any risk and threats, including best-in-class email filtering & AI technology.


Business-class mail Server for companies that are looking for a proven European alternative.

Exchange in Cloud

World’s most uses email server with the benefits of secure European cloud hosting

Installation & Deployment

SaaS, on cloud or on-premise, you have the choice! As an experienced software solution and cloud hosting provider, we offer full flexibility and adapt to your priorities.

When you decide to adopt software to manage your company’s email, email deliverability or email security, apart from the choice of software, you also need to decide on either a SaaS, on cloud or an on-premises service. The choice will depend on many factors such as your technical equipment, your constraints in terms of internal resources and know-how, regulatory rules, operating vs capital expenditure etc. The criteria to be considered are multiple. When adopting Alinto email security solutions, all choices are possible. We put our expert team at your disposal to advise on the right choice for you.

  • Installation on Premise

    Hardware & 3rd party software architecture: Alinto experts will prepare the suitable Hardware and 3rd party Software architecture in line with your requirements. High availability, redundancy, back up & recovery rules will be aligned with your business targets.

    System set up: Set up of hardware & 3rd party software is under the customer’s responsibility. Alinto’s expert teams will take care of the installation & configuration of Alinto Software.

    System operations: Upon request, Alinto also takes care of the day-to-day operation of the system (via remote access).

  • Installation on cloud

    The private cloud of Alinto is hosted in European Union: France, Switzerland or any other country depending on our customer’s requirements.

    24/7 Monitoring: The infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to guarantee the security and resilience of our customer’s services.

    99,9% network uptime: Replication and interconnection between data centres to guarantee very high network uptime

    Virtual Hosting: All Alinto solutions are available as SaaS ready to use – minimise your infrastructure, migration and maintenance costs

    Dedicated servers: All Alinto services and products are available on dedicated platforms. Upon your choice, they can be installed in the Alinto cloud, in the cloud of one of our European partners or a private/public cloud of your choice.

  • M&S- Maintenance and support

    Maintenance Services: Regular preventive and curative maintenance services are carried out by Alinto experts. Non-service impacting maintenance activities may be carried out during office hours in off-peak periods. Major interventions may take place outside working hours to limit the impact on service availability.

    Support Services: Alinto offers L2 and L3 support services during office hours. Response and resolution times will depend on subscribed SLA (service level agreement).

    Help desk: as part of support services, Alinto experts can be reached by email or phone.

See how Serenamail SMTP relay works

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mail relay device

Transactional emails for SMEs, public services and MSPs

SMEs and Public Organizations

Do you need to reach the next level of transactional email volumes? Overcome current limitations and IP reputation issues? Ensure that the growing transactional email volumes are securely delivered in time to run your services smoothly?

Managed Service Providers

As an MSP, such as an online booking solution provider, your users expect confirmation, authentication, or reminder emails to arrive timely in their inbox. To maintain customer experience at an excellent level, you need to be able to act quickly if something goes wrong.

SMTP mail relai desktop

A real-time traffic dashboard

Transactional emails are expected to arrive quickly. Track email deliverability performance in real-time via a simple administration interface. And take action if performance falls below expectations.

mail relay meeting

Tailor-made services

Alinto offers ready-to-use and proven email & security solutions that can adapt to each company's need. Our experts accompany each project to create tailor-made solutions for complex environments.

Define routing priorities per usage

Policy elaboration

Sizing of the solution

Success stories

Companies all over Europe use Alinto’s technology and services to manage and secure their email services successfully. Learn how!

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