Carrier-grade email deliverability

Transactional emails need to reach the recipient straight away. Long waiting times for alerts, password recoveries, authentication codes, or appointment confirmations negatively impact your user’s experience.

At Alinto, we designed an SMTP email server with transactional and marketing messages in mind. Focusing on reliability, it guarantees your transactional emails will reach their destination promptly and every time. Delivering a more personalised customer experience with a transactional emails service is now easier than ever. And Alinto does all the hard work to ensure the emails are delivered on time.

Ensure timely email delivery

The recipient expects transactional emails, and therefore they must be reliably and promptly delivered.

Protect IP & domain reputation

Transparently send email messages from your regular IP addresses or domains without being at risk of IP or domain blocklisting.

Carrier-grade email deliverability

Rely on a reliable, high-performance mail server that can handle transactional email volume and offers 99.99% uptime and continuity.

Easy-to-use administration console

Don’t wait to solve a delivery issue: Self Service Monitoring and Self-care log access allow you to act quickly.


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reliability email delivery

« Our systems send daily thousands of confirmation emails to our users. Unlike marketing campaigns, such messages need to arrive quickly in our customer's mailboxes. Since we use the SMTP server from Alinto, email delivery issues have decreased drastically, and we can solve delivery issues ourselves without losing time. »

Traffic Manager, Online services

Ensure timely email delivery

Have you ever wanted to send out high volume transactional emails and get them delivered reliably and promptly in your recipient's inboxes? That's what Serenamail SMTP relay is for. Our clean traffic technology and deliverability experts work together to ensure that your messages arrive safely and on time.

All in one collaborative email server

Email, schedule, notes, tasks

Support for all standard protocols

Compatible with all main email clients & mobile

Email delivery

« Before using Serenamail I was constantly occupied by the blocklisting of our IP. »

IT manager, E-commerce

Protect IP & domain reputation

When sending daily thousands of emails, your email servers are at risk of being flagged as spam and your IP and domain blocklisted. With Serenamail, you send transactional emails transparently from your regular IP addresses or domains without being at risk.

User email

« We chose Alinto for the robustness of the solution adapted for a BtoC service provider. »

CTO, Internet service provider

Carrier-grade email deliverability

Customers and users expect transactional emails within seconds in their inboxes. No more worries about your SMTP email server performances, from uptime to deliverability. Serenanmail is a high-performance mail server offering 99,99% uptime and continuity.

mac user email

« With the real-time tracking tools we can delegate to the support guys access that can decrease by 80% the escalation. »

Helpdesk Manager, Telecom operator

Easy-to-use administration console

Keep your business moving with Serenanmail's easy-to-use administration & shipment tracking features. Self-service monitoring and Self-care log access allow acting quickly.

Message tracking & system utilization dashboards

Real-time sending status

Interface for all system logs

Real-time usage monitoring


Our services

Alinto offers standardised and proven email & security solutions that are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our experts accompany each project to create tailor-made solutions to fit complex environments.

Define routing priorities per usage

Policy elaboration

Sizing of the solution

Find out what else we can do

We are specialised in sovereign email & security solutions that can be used stand-alone and are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our solutions adapt to your preferences and grow with your needs, on-premises or in the cloud.

Email Archiving

Sovereign corporate email

Secure business email infrastructure

They trust us

Gain on email deliverability. Concentrate on the essentials!

No more deliverability hassles. Concentrate on your core activities and let Alinto email technology care about your transactional email.

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