Business-class email security

Considering email as a mission-critical business application is the starting point to protect your email infrastructure and offer an always-on email service, whatever circumstances.

At Alinto, we know that most businesses rely on email for their everyday communication needs. From harmless customer relation exchanges to the transport of highly sensitive data, your email infrastructure is the heart of your communication system. It cannot afford a slowdown or be an entry point for malicious attacks

Avoid threats crossing the fence.

Email remains the preferred entry point for malicious activity attacks. Top-notch email filtering technology protects your email infrastructure from email viruses, scams, phishing, spoofing, malware and other ransomware.

Ensure Spam-free & clean email traffic

85% of all email traffic is spam. Easily keep your email communication and inbox clean and free from unwanted elements without any changes to your infrastructure.

Keep your data under complete control for your digital sovereignty

Rely on European email server hosting and ensure that your sensitive data is protected by and in line with European data protection rules.

Ensure business email continuity - always-on email service, whatever happens.

Email service interruption, planned or unplanned, and your business stands still. Decide on a business continuity plan for your email services.


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« It makes no sense for a company to manage spam problems internally when there are specialists like Alinto. In addition to drastically reducing the volume of received spam emails, the solution detects and blocks spam with almost no false positives, which guarantees us levels of accuracy and effectiveness that are difficult to match. »

Head of the Information Systems Department, Grupo DAMM

Avoid threats crossing the fence

Protect your email infrastructure with Cleanmail, a smart shield that filters all threats and prevents risk: Email viruses, scams, phishing, spoofing, malware or ransomware. Rely on more than 20 years of experience in email security and keep calm!

Filters 99,9% of all email threats

Compatible with professional email servers

No changes to your infrastructure

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« Switching to Cleanmail, Alinto’s anti-spam showed immediate and apparent results compared to our previous provider: a drastic reduction in spam messages received. Managing white and black lists helps us finetune and avoid false positives. »

CIO, Hospital centre

Ensure Spam-free & clean email traffic

Accurate and fine-grained spam screening that filters 99,9% of all unwanted messages and minimises false positives.

Using high performing antispam solutions avoids spam-related productivity losses and unneeded technical expenses.

Not only does incoming spam induce costs and risk, but outgoing email traffic should also be clean to prevent your infrastructure from being misused for spam and virus sending. Otherwise, your IP and domains are at risk for blacklisting.


« Outsourcing the operation of our email services to Alinto allowed us to concentrate our internal resources on our core business. Alinto’s email solutions offer the performance, security and reliability we are looking for. »

CIO, Automotive industry

Want to keep data under full control – digital sovereignty

Data protection is of the utmost importance for any business. Turning to Sovereign Cloud Hosting as a way to ensure that data remains within Europe and out of reach from hackers and other threats.

With an emphasis on security, transparency, and regulatory compliance, our email in cloud servers are exclusively based in Europe, providing local clients with state-of-the-art services.

Choosing a European alternative for email server software further strengthens your digital sovereignty. Rely on a ready-use open-source mail server embedded in an advanced and easy to use administration environment.

dektop user

« We naturally turned to Alinto’s emergency webmail feature when working on our business continuity plan. When our central email server was affected recently, our employees quickly switched to the webmail for a couple of hours. They appreciated that their email communication was available for the last few days and that they were not blocked by email service interruption. »

CIO, E-commerce

Ensure business email continuity - always-on email service

Your standard email service is unavailable for whatever reason? Cleanmail takes over and offers an emergency webmail interface. To offer business-class service continuity, Cleanmail always keeps a copy of x days of email traffic so that business continues as usual.

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Our services

Alinto offers standardised and proven email & security solutions that are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our experts accompany each project to create tailor-made solutions to fit complex environments.

sovereign hosting

definition of email security rules

multi-tenancy set up & configuration

personalized 24/7 monitoring

Find out what else we can do

We are specialised in sovereign email & security solutions that can be used stand-alone and are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our solutions adapt to your preferences and grow with your needs, on-premises or in the cloud.

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