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For more than 20 years, we have been at the forefront of developing business email solutions. Today, thousands of organisations rely on Alinto’s expertise to manage and secure their business email communication.

A unique set of expertise in the area of email communication.

Email Security

Protect your business from threats that arrive by email.


Deliver large email volumes securely into the recipient’s inbox.

Cloud Email

Sovereign email hosting services in Europe.


Alinto’s expert teams are close to customer locations and support any customer-specific email technology related question. These in-house email experts, grouped by specialities, speak our customer’s language and know the customer’s installations in and out to provide fast and personalised solutions and feedback.


At Alinto, innovation means offering products and services that meet our customer’s needs. There are no excessive features but laser focus on the fundamentals to run worry-free email services. We develop tomorrow’s email solutions together with and for our customers. Respected software developers agree this business has a great future!

Why choose Alinto?

Selecting an email solution provider means choosing a partner who masters the topic at the fingertips. Let’s ensure that it will be a long-term fit!


To always guarantee the best-in-breed email solutions, we thrive to remain at the cutting edge of technology: Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C, Python, Less, Bash… The Alinto solution architects, software developers and cloud experts are encouraged to develop their skillset continually. We never stop learning at Alinto!


People are paramount in our business because we need to have happy employees to achieve great results. That’s why we are constantly creating a great work atmosphere, offering complete working flexibility, and creating teamwork conditions. Our coffee breaks are holy, participation in running events is legendary, but the maximum motivation kick is when the team receives positive customer feedback!

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Julien, Operation Manager, FRANCE

Our customers are increasingly sensitive to data privacy and digital sovereignty topics regarding their email solutions. This is not a surprise when you consider all the confidential information businesses share every day via email.

Spam image

Pablo, Support Engineer, SPAIN

Over the last five years, I noticed a real difference in the number and the quality of spam and virus attacks. These attacks have become more sophisticated. It seems unrealistic to protect your company without the help of email security specialists.

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