Business Cases: Email server for ISP & ICT

Serveur email professionnel pour Net Plus, opérateur triple play

Email server for triple play operators

Netplus is an operator providing 11 cable operators in Switzerland while having its own data centers and networks. Netplus wanted to provide a cloud messaging service with over 100,000 mailboxes to its customers.
With different levels of service, from basic to business email accounts, the offer had to include API management, customisation of services and an increase in the security of services provided to their customers.

The solution: the implementation of ourAlinto Mail Server Pro messaging platform. Our collaborative PaaS messaging solution, available as white labels, has been easily adaptable to each cable operator. Multi-level back-office management allowed the installation of different customisable offers and services. During the installation of this email server, we migrated the data from more than 75,000 mailboxes deployed on the site. Consulting, support and adaptability were the keywords in the NetPlus project.

Website: www.netplus.ch

Serveur email professionnel pour La Poste, opérateur de services postaux

Mobile webmail for the historic French postal services operator

La Poste is an operator for postal, financial, insurance and mobile services. La Poste offers a web portal that provides its users with a @laposte.net address. Today, with 3.6 million active accounts, La Poste is one of the leading French email providers outside of the standard Internet Service Providers (ISP).

In 2009, La Poste chose Alinto to provide it with a mobile access service for its users. With our Alinto Motion software installed on a Platform as a Service (PaaS), the users would benefit from a touch-operated and secure webmail. With a “Pay as you go” model, La Poste is offered scalability with no constraints in this professional email solution.

Website: laposte.net

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