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SFA Handels GmbH : “Having an email security software is about protecting our company data and IT assets”

Posted in Spotlight

The Swiss company SFA Handels GmbH offers customer-related system solutions in all areas of industrial energy, (...)

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What is spamtrap and how does it work?

Posted in Our solutions, Spotlight

Spamtrap is an email address specially designed by anti-spam specialists to feed common email reputation databases. This (...)

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Mail authentication: SPF protocol

Posted in Email, Our solutions, Spotlight

Mail authentication Despite today’s awareness of email fraud, employees continue to be the primary gateway for malicious (...)

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State of the art of email encryption

Posted in Our solutions, Security, Spotlight

Nowadays the email encryption became more important in a context where public cloud services host the (...)

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While we were busy with GDPR, the Cloud Act was passed: Security and prevention for Office 365 (2/2)

Posted in Our solutions, Security, Spotlight

Last post we talked about the passing of the Cloud Act, a privacy and security legislation (...)

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While we were busy with GDPR, the US Cloud Act was passed (1/2)

Posted in Our solutions, Security, Spotlight

For the past months, we all have been focusing on the GDPR deadline, the 25th of (...)

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