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Discover more than just a professional email solution, discover our exchange email hosting service in the Cloud.
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Enjoy Microsoft Exchange, the most used Groupware-messaging in the world, operated by Alinto, European leader of Cloud-based messaging. Benefit from our additional integrated security services and our skilled technical support.

Email hosting service Exchange in Cloud: solution leaders

Collaborative hybrid email
Enjoy all the messaging features of our email hosting service Microsoft Exchange in Cloud directly from your mail client: shared calendars, contacts… Originally designed to work with Outlook, the protocol Exchange MAPI ensures a perfect synchronization of all elements from your mailbox. Alinto is involved in the setting up of servers, provides a complete monitoring of your installation migration, and ensures technical support.

Secure Exchange in Cloud email
Your Exchange in Cloud messaging is protected by the Alinto Protect solution. Our email relay guarantees with its emergency web based email a 100% availability. With its powerful antivirus and antispam it is able to protect you against Internet attacks and risks. It also offers an optional archiving of your internal emails, incoming and outgoing, over a period of up to ten years. Your unified email hosting service is protected by Alinto’s technology.

Universal as Microsoft Exchange
Exchange in Cloud  is available at any time and for any kind of usage. With the Outlook Web Access interface, you can access your mails from any browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer…). With Active Sync, you instantly find your emails, contacts and calendars on your smartphone or tablet.

The features of our email hosting service Exchange in Cloud

Customer support & technical assistance
This is where Alinto’s expertise brings you an unequaled service of email hosting and exchange unified messaging. You can rely on the support of our teams, both upstream of your projects, as well as in the daily use of our solutions. Exchange in Cloud is supervised 24/7 and an extranet interface allows you to be independent in the administration of your options and services. Be relaxed, you get the most widely used international collaborative unified Exchange messaging, operated by the best email provider in the world.

Exchange in cloud, powered by Microsoft, hosted by Alinto
Exchange, the best email hosting in the Cloud powered by Alinto

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