Web based email solution


Community Mailbox

The Alinto Community Mailbox is a web based email solution for communities based on Alinto’s expertise in email messaging. Its enhanced features and innovative design offers you a software that suits web portals with a large number of accounts.

Web based email for communities

A united community

Unify your whole community through email and benefit from the visibility of this tool: your recognition increases each time you send an email. Your brand is sustained with an efficient webmail, calendars, contacts, and a personalized fileshare system which can evolve with the number of your users.

A universal interface

Available on all terminals on the market (IPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone…), your customized web based email is compatible with all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer…) and environments (Microsoft, Mac, Linux…). Thanks to your own brand, all your users are able to communicate any time.

An easy set-up

With its turnkey installation and its customization capabilities, the Community Mailbox is instantly available. Our experts provide you a 24/7/365 service and our multilingual team guarantees you an efficient customer service.
You always keep in control of your web based email via a centralized back office. You create accounts and automatically deactivate them via the APIs. This bulk email server and its data are hosted on the infrastructure of your choice.

Community, a fully customizable design!



In short, it’s “a la carte”!

Community Mailbox is deployed according to your needs to guarantee both a personalized offer and a controlled budget. Large groups of users, tailor-made servers… You only pay what you use. Our marketing team analyzes the positioning of your offer to guide you in the usage of the best web based email solution. Our support and teams assist you in the technical integration and the promotion of your service.

Alinto Pro

A unified Cloud email service for professionals

Service encrypted and protected by antivirus and anti-spam

Alinto Pro is available at any time and for any types of uses

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