We are a highly passionate and focused team

We drink a lot of coffee and work very hard!

A Cloud mail server operated by Alinto’s team!

Marketing & Sales

Do you have a specific requirement? Our sales & marketing team will be at your disposal for all your Cloud mail server projects ensuring that the required development teams are mobilised. They are always pleasant, smiling, and most importantly, competent!

Service & Projects

Good corporate email projects are shaped every day. This team is at your disposal and offers you the solutions that are most suitable for your requirements: PaaS, SaaS, Cloud, etc. Our email experts in Cloud mail server solutions will give you the assistance you need!

Research & Development

Technology innovation is their speciality. Our research and development team designs and tests all our products to guarantee you high quality corporate email projects.

Operation & Support

Are you stuck with a server bug? They’re on it! They can save your corporate messaging system! From lost passwords to platform issues, our email ‘firefighters’ will provide you with a 24/7 operational business email server.

Our Saas messaging team in figures

professional trips equivalent to circumnavigating the globe once

GB documentation maintained in 4 languages

Commits made on average every year

support tickets resolved in six months



Our teams work closely together to give you the best answers to your questions about Cloud messaging. With our ticketing tool, your emails are directly converted to tickets to ensure that our exchanges are tracked. “Alinto” and “efficiency” have become synonymous!


Our team of experts in Cloud messaging are offering you products that respond to your needs. There are no unnecessary or complicated features, only what’s essential for you to work in peace! When it comes to our customers, we develop the solutions of tomorrow. Respected software developers agree that this is a business with a great future!


To offer you the best solutions, we must always keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology: Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C, Python, Less, Bash and many more. Our developers tap away at their keyboards and abracadabra: web based email, calendars, contacts and ActiveSync synchronisation!

Highly motivated

Human capital is paramount in our company because we understand that in order to do extraordinary things, you need to have happy employees. This is why we at Alinto work to create a great atmosphere. For instance, our coffee break is sacred!

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If you know what a cloud mail server is, come on there’s a raspberry muffin waiting for you!