Essential email archiving solution

Managing emails once they have been sent or received is more all-important: Keeping communication records, minimising storage and IT costs and being in line with compliance and regulatory rules.

Email is how you communicate with employees and clients and stay in touch with vendors and suppliers. And as the volume of emails increases every year, archiving becomes essential to ensure your company doesn’t lose critical messages. But email archiving is different from backing up or keeping emails in the inbox. Email archiving takes care of storing messages on-premise or in the cloud without risking data loss and gives peace of mind that emails are is always secure and available.

Preserve email communication

Never lose email data. Keep an integer copy of each email message - send or received - for as long as needed.

Minimise storage need

Don’t let the size of your user's mailboxes grow infinitely! The cost of managing email may grow out of control.

Ensure compliance

Stay compliant with regulatory and compliance rules: securely archive your email data and guarantee its integrity.


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Archiving Solutions users

« Due to our business, our employees exchange many documents via email. The mail-box quota is no longer restricting our users, and they can easily find the information they are looking for in their emails. »

IT Manager, Law firm

Preserve email communication

Cleanmail email archiving protects email data from any data loss. It keeps a non-modifiable copy of all incoming and outgoing traffic, including attachments. Rely on more than 20 years of experience in email security. Alinto’s email archiving ensures the security and availability of large amounts of data for up to 10 years.

Email archiving, including attachments

Customizable holding period, up to 10 years

Compatible with all professional email servers

Standard formats & easy exports

No changes to your infrastructure

Archiving Solutions data

« I can recommend Alinto to IT departments who need legal archiving or are confronted with volume problems on their mail server. Our email server is now more stable and easier to backup. »

Director Systems and Networks, Seafrigo

Minimise storage needs

Email archiving optimises the storage need of each email account. It participates in fighting against the “overweight” of mailboxes.

Minimising storage directly impacts your hardware costs and the environmental impact of email management. But not only the hardware costs are impacted positively, but also the maintenance, backup, and restoration costs in case of an incidence will be limited.

Archiving Solutions

« We chose Alinto to archive the Exchange server without user intervention. The administrator and the management team define the archiving rules and the archive duration, and that’s it. »

IT Manager, Recycling and sustainability operator

Ensure compliance

In today's digital world, email is the new "paper trail." With this reality in mind, many organisations are subject to regulations that require archiving and retention of emails. In short, archiving emails helps stay legally compliant by keeping a communications record.

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Our services for email archiving solutions

Alinto offers standardised and proven email & security solutions that are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our experts accompany each project to create tailor-made solutions to fit complex environments.

Sovereign hosting

Definition of archiving policies

Hardware sizing & scalability

Find out what else we can do

We are specialised in sovereign email & security solutions that can be used stand-alone and are ready to be tailored to each business's requirements. Our solutions adapt to your preferences and grow with your needs, on-premises or in the cloud.

Secure business email infrastructure

Sovereign corporate email

Carrier-grade email deliverability

They trust us

Archive emails like a pro!

Keep your emails secure, compliant, and manageable. Discover a flexible enterprise-class email archiving solution to get back in control of your email data.

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