Business Cases: messaging service for public sectors

Le Grand Lyon bénéficie de notre service de messagerie pour secteur public

Email archiving and protection for Fairtrade International

Fairtrade is a global organization working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers in the whole world. The international Fairtrade system represents the world’s largest and most recognized fair trade system.

Since 2013, Fairtrade uses Alinto Protect as a messaging service protection. They had needed to protect their on premise email server, especially with an archiving messaging solution. Alinto Protect is used by more than 500 employees.

Beyond its ease of implementation and use, the Protect solution is easily scalable for a worldwide organization. It ensures the security of business email on several levels.

First of all, it scans inbound and outbound email traffic. It parses with an Antivirus and an Anti-Spam. The web access allows rights management for users and administrators.

Secondly, it provides a rescue webmail. If your messaging server is down, users log onto protect.yourcompany.com, recover their emails and continue to work. It’s an efficient business continuity plan for messaging.

Last but not least, Alinto Protect archives emails over a long period time like 10 years for Fairtrade International. Users can delete important emails in their inbox because, thanks to this service they can recover it and the organization is compliant with the German GDpdu Law.

Website: Fairtrade

La ville de Nantesbénéficie de notre service de messagerie pour secteur public

Personalized mailbox on a messaging service for Bremen City

Bremen, the 10th biggest German city with more than 500,000 citizens, wanted to strengthen the sense of community, to facilitate communication between citizens and promote their city.

In 2012, Bremen chose Alinto in a partnership to offer their citizens an email service on firstname.name@bremen.de basis. So Alinto installed its web based email solution for the communities. This bulk email server is used by more than 13,000 citizens, and its data are hosted on Alinto’s European infrastructure.

Alinto Community Mailbox granted access to an efficient mailbox with advanced and innovative web based email, customizable with the design of the local authorities and independent of other Internet Service Provider.

So with each new email sent by a Bremen citizen, the city’s publicity increases.

Website: Bremen.de

Local authorities and public sectors, the solution is just a click away!