Office 365 email for SMEs


Let our security teams advise you

Discover Office 365 email, the perfect Microsoft solution for companies that want to take profit of their traditional desktop applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc. Optimized and protected by Alinto.

Office 365 email

Plans Office 365 for SMEs

For large organizations with specific needs, access Alinto services for Office 365

Protect for Office 365

Our anti-spam and anti-spam filtering system guarantees the security and the control of platforms and the permanent access to the messages:

– Filtering of incoming and outgoing traffic

– Customizable security rules

– Protection of IP reputation

– Analysis of logs in real time

– BCP (Business Continuity Plan) thanks to the emergency webmail

The performance of Microsoft, managed and protected by Alinto

Efficiency Microsoft applications

A single subscription for the set of applications. A homogeneous computer park with the latest versions of Office.

Migration and customer service

Presales and technical support by our team of experts to complete Microsoft services and protect the flow of mail. Service hosted in the European Union.


Security and high availability

Global antivirus and antispam protection with Alinto Protect in addition to the other complementary services of Alinto.

Simultaneous access and file sharing

Perfect synchronization of your files on all your desktop and mobile devices. Change your device without any migration.