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Alinto Gateway

Alinto’s SMTP Mail Relay Gateway allows servers or applications to send emails and ensures a “clean” traffic without blocking your corporate messaging.

A SMTP Mail Relay that secures your messaging

For which uses?
Whether for frequent multi-recipient sending (newsletters, press releases, event organizations…) or your business applications and automatized mailing (invoices, purchase orders, reminders…), Alinto Gateway, our bulk email server allows you to use the SMTP Mail Relay services tailored and adapted to your volume without having an impact on your corporate messaging.

How does it work?
Alinto Gateway, our email relay allows you sending emails from your IP addresses or domains. Emails are being sent to our platforms that optimize the traffic to all the different providers which avoids the blacklisting of your professional messaging. The link between our services and Alinto Gateway is secured with SSL. This application can also be deployed on premises.

Technical characteristics
Our standard service authorizes a volume of 4000 emails/hour/service. For specific needs, our technical teams analyze each project individually. According to your requirements: routing volume, delivery time, expected deliverability and frequency of mailing, this SMTP Mail Relay is perfectly suited to fulfill your needs and requirements. As an option, Alinto Gateway also offers a  follow-up reporting of emails available via API or in a file.

SMTP mail relay schema, Alinto Gateway

I want to know more about this amazing SMTP Mail Relay!
When it comes to substantial shipments, Alinto Gateway is “the solution”. What’s the point in being blocked?