Alinto’s Bulk Email Gateway


Outgoing SMTP relay

Alinto’s Bulk Email Gateway is a smart SMTP Relay that allows your servers and applications to securely and easily send large volumes of transactional or marketing messages.
Our “Clean Traffic” technology, ensures fast delivery directly into the recipient’s inbox while eliminating the risk of having your email servers blocked by spam detection (IP blacklisting) systems.

Our “Clean Traffic” SMTP Relay secures your messaging systems

How does it work?

Alinto Gateway allows you to transparently send messages from your normal IP addresses or domains. However, instead of being sent directly from your outbound mail server, your messages are routed to our system which intelligently optimize your traffic according to rules set by the different inbox providers (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) Respecting these rules and message volume is key to getting messages delivered, and to avoid being blacklisted by large commercial ISPs.

  • SECURE: links between your servers or applications and the Alinto Gateway are secured with SSL encryption.
  • FLEXIBLE: Alinto Gateway can also be deployed on premise for large configurations.
  • SCALABLE: Product capabilities can adapts to millions of messages.
relais de messagerie SMTP

Advanced reports:

  • Smart dashboards to track messages and system utilization
  • Customizable interface via simple drag & drop
  • Real-time status: sent, deferred, bounced, rejected, expired
  • Filter and report on message delivery status


  • Interface for all System Logs
  • Real-time usage monitoring
  • Alerting: exceeded thresholds
  • Alerting: over-quota

Stop running the risk of having your corporate email servers blocked. Keep your systems responsive by not sending large campaigns from your servers. Ensure 99.99% uptime and continuity for important transactional messages.

When it comes to sending transactional bulk email or large campaigns to your users & clients, the Alinto Bulk Email Gateway is the affordable and flexible solution you have been waiting for – send us a message today to start your free test.

Application Areas

Automated Systems

Bulk mailing to multiple recipients




Press releases
Commercial communications

Event Organizations
Community of interest

Pourquoi Alinto Gateway ?



  • Solution spécialement conçue pour l’envoi d’email transactionnel.
  • Évite le phénomène de blacklisting.
  • Protection de la réputation du domaine et des IP de l’entreprise.
  • Interface de suivi des envois.
  • Suivi de consommation.


When it comes to bulk email, Alinto Gateway is the solution. What’s the point in being blocked?