Secure your communications

No more threats in your mailboxes. Adopt our MailCleaner solution, a server that guarantees the protection of your emails.

Organisations of all sizes are constantly targeted by attacks compromising their security. Don’t let phishing attempts and other email dangers get to you. By using MailCleaner, you can be sure that all unwanted email is filtered out effectively by the software, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Over 99.9% of spam and viruses filtered

Protected data at your fingertips

A solution for any size of enterprise

Hosted on your network or outsourced


Rely on our antispam for all your professional communications. Based on open source technology, this dedicated virtual appliance is reliable, secure and can be deployed on your infrastructure or in cloud.

Access to a quarantine

Spam is stored in a quarantine. Users can access it to restore legitimate emails that have been mistakenly identified as unwanted, or to permanently delete messages that are actually threats.

Simplified interfaces

The interfaces are intuitive and quick to learn for both users and administrators. They can easily navigate through the different options, manage their unwanted mails and perform routine operations without any prior training.

Compatible with all types of server

Our tool integrates with your assets such as Active Directory (Microsoft), LDAP, Zimbra and Exchange, ensuring smooth and efficient synchronization of messaging systems.

Recognition of newsletters and spam

The software automatically identifies and organises newsletters and spam according to individual user preferences, ensuring a personalised, efficient and time-saving sorting experience.


MailCleaner is also available in an open source version.

This free version offers the same features, interfaces and personalised protection against email threat. By choosing an open source solution, you benefit from total transparency and control over the installation, use and maintenance of the software, while supporting the open source community.

Combine MailCleaner with our email services

Alinto offers a range of email tools and services for businesses looking for independent alternatives.


Business-class mail Server for organisations that are looking for a proven European alternative.

Serenamail SMTP Gateway

SMTP mass emailing solutions for companies with high email volumes. Serenamail offers proven deliverability for your transactional and marketing emails.

Installation & Deployment

You can host our antispam wherever you want! As experienced software and hosting specialists, we can help you deploy your virtual appliance.

When selecting software, functionality is not the only aspect to consider. Deciding between an outsourced or on-premises solution is crucial and depends on various factors like your technical infrastructure, internal resources, and regulatory constraints. With Alinto, a team of experts will guide you and help you to make the best choice for your needs.


    Hardware & 3rd party software architecture: Hardware and software architecture is tailored to your needs, including redundancy, backup policies, and availability to align with your business objectives.

    System set up: Set up of hardware & 3rd party software is under the customer’s responsibility. The installation takes less than 15 minutes. Alinto’s team of experts can take care of this as well as the system configuration.


    Alinto’s cloud is hosted in the European Union and complies with GDRP and DPL.

    Benefits: By letting us host your solution, you can rely on our infrastructure for complete peace of mind. You benefit from a direct connection with MailCleaner, with no intermediaries, ensuring smooth and efficient communication. Our service also manages backups, updates and future migrations.


    Maintenance: You are autonomous in the maintenance of your servers. Alinto remains available when you need it.

    Support: Alinto offers L2 and L3 technical support during office hours by email or phone. Response and resolution times depend on the chosen SLA (Service Level Agreement) level.

Try the online demo

Get a free 30-day trial of the virtual appliance and start protecting your business and your employees’ emails.


A dedicated virtual anti-spam server for enterprises, public organisations and ISPs

Today's enterprises and organisations, regardless of their size, should all rely on anti-spam and anti-virus services. MailCleaner is flexible to adapt to the needs of any business.


Our tool provides ISPs with top-of-the-range software that detects all threats (phishing, spearphishing, malware, etc.) and is ideal for managing a large number of domains with customised configurations. MailCleaner allows flexible administration per domain. This also includes redundancy and parallel operation of multiple servers, designed to manage large volumes of email and ensure optimal reliability. With resale pricing options, MailCleaner is designed to meet the needs of service providers.

Enterprises and public organisations

Our filtering server protects electronic communications for businesses and public organisations. It installs quickly and adapts to your needs. Based on open source and hosted on your network, it ensures complete sovereignty of your data, a crucial aspect for public organisations. Moreover, its encryption support enhances the security of email exchanges.

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Tailor-made services

Alinto offers flexible email solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Our team of experts is with you every step of the way, providing a responsive and efficient technical service. Every customer is important and benefits from quality support from our own technical teams.




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