Business Cases: SaaS email server for companies

Email autonomy for Auxadi

Auxadi is a 35 year-old experiment accounting services and audit services company, settled on Spanish and Latin American markets with 10 locations in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Auxadi wanted to work with the proven Microsoft Exchange technology, but without dealing with the installation and maintenance. The company chose to rely on Alinto to manage their 230 email accounts because of its local services with Spanish customer support, available 24/7/365.

The Auxadi group has the best Microsoft solution: Exchange in Cloud, the Microsoft messaging solution, operated by Alinto and hosted in France. Auxadi is autonomous in its administration and service options and delegates to Alinto’s expertise the Microsoft Exchange email hosting.

Website: Auxadi

SaaS email server protection for BDO

SaaS email server protection for BDO

BDO is an audit international accounting and consulting company with almost 1,000 employees in France that work with startups, SMEs and large companies in all business sectors. This company needed a security solution for its Microsoft Exchange SaaS email server operated internally.

We provide them with Alinto Protect, a corporate mail protection solution and email archiving. With its internal management, BDO is now more independent and able to operate every option by itself. At BDO, they can work in a safer way now, avoiding messaging troubles and the loss of emails.

Website: BDO

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