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As an ISP, MSP, or Service Provider, you are an expert in your field, well aware that email is just one element contributing to your  business’s success. Simplify email services with Alinto, and focus on the value-added aspects of your business for greater success.

Anti-spam / anti-virus
Outsource email service
Transactional emails

Protect your email service

As a service provider, you can’t afford to overlook email security. Your customers trust your services and expertise, but you can’t be an expert at everything. As a market-specific managed service provider, it’s your job to protect your customers from email security threats. Enhance your service with robust email protection solution, featuring sophisticated technical filtering capabilities that safeguard against evolving security threats. Rely on a partner specialised in mail security for ISPs, MPS, and Operators. Alinto supports you on a daily basis so that you can focus on your business and customer service.

A smart shield for email threats

An intelligent security suite to protect your email communications against all risks and threats, based on the powerful email filtering of our in-house spam fight team and enhanced by AI.

Resource efficient email service

Email service is no longer a key success factor for ISPs, MSPs and other service providers, but a must-have service in their service portfolio. However, it is often a source of customers dissatisfaction when it doesn’t work properly. Understanding your client’s needs is crucial and with Alinto’s feature-rich mail server, you can enhance your service offering ensuring seamless and secure communication channels for your clients. Relying on a recognised partner who takes care of this must-have service with a competitive TCO allows you to reallocate resources to your core business. Alinto brings you solid know-how in security, data protection, performance and customer satisfaction.

Multi-tenancy email server

Professional mail server for ISPs and MSPS seeking a sovereign groupware solution that integrates recognised open-source technology.

High volume email deliverability

A transactional email is an email that communicates the completion of a transaction. It can be automated to reflect the status of a user’s request, purchase or subscription or contain information such as tracking numbers and shipping details to confirm the delivery of products ordered. The success of these types of emails depends on the ability to send them timely and reliably. When you are managing your company’s email delivery, you need to be able to send emails without compromising your IP addresses.

SMTP relay for transactional emails

Deliver high volume emails, such as transactional emails, with carrier-grade performance without worrying about the technical side of deliverability.

ISP and MSP email management : Questions answered

  • What is an ISP ?

    An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the internet to companies and individuals. ISPs may provide internet access through various technologies like DSL, cable modem, fiver optics, or wireless. They may also offer other services such as email services, web hosting or domain name registration.

  • What is an MSP?

    A Managed Service Provider (MSP) remotely manages a customer’s software, IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. They assist businesses in optimizing operations, reducing costs, and enhancing technology scalability and reliability.

  • How does Alinto ensure email security and protection?

    Alinto helps to ensure email security and protection through a range of expert solutions that are tailored to MSPs and ISPs. They offer email infrastructure protection, blocking cyber threats and ensuring service availability. Check out Cleanmail and Mailcleaner for more information.

  • How does Alinto handle high-volume email delivery?

    We address high-volume mail delivery challenges through our Serenamail SMTP relay, which has been designed for carrier-grade email deliverability. The SMTP relay is typically available as a cloud solution but can also be installed in premise upon request.

  • For what reasons might ISPs and MSPs outsource email services?

    Email services have become a commodity and are no longer considered key success factors for MSPs and ISPS. Outsourcing email services allows MSPs and ISPs to delegate complex email management to experts, ensuring enhanced security and reliability, while minimizing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and efficiently managing resources.

  • How can ISPs and MSPs ensure security of their email services?

    MSPs and ISPs must first recognize that mail systems are particularly vulnerable to security threats such as phishing, malware, spam, and data breaches. To protect their email services, MSPs and ISPs can form technological partnerships that provide access to specialized tools and expertise that an MSP or ISP might not possess in-house. These partnerships enhance the overall security posture by integrating cutting-edge technologies and collaborative threat intelligence, while minimizing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and efficiently managing resources.

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Our services

Alinto offers ready-to-use and proven email security solutions, incorporating the latest technology to ensure robust protection and advanced features. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each company, our experts guide each project to create efficient and secure mail management solutions suitable to diverse platforms and complex environments.

Carrier-grade hosting

Public & Private cloud

Fully managed service

Multi-tenancy set up & configuration

Commissioning & Migration


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Alinto software solutions enables you to build and grow your email services the way you want. Offer cost-effective, secure mail and collaboration services to your clients. Our exceptional antispam protection ensures a seamless experience. Utilize Alinto’s expertise to expand your brand and service range & trust in our two decades of email innovation for superior support and reliability. Start shaping your email services with Alinto today.

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