Netgovern Store object storage for your email archives

Netgovern Store is a CAS technology (CAS as in Content Addressed Storage). The archived document is identified by a unique 128-bit identifier known only to Netgovern Archive or Netgovern Detach.

Netgovern Store automatically manages email security copy(s)

When it come to setting up Netgovern Store, the administrator can decide the number of security copies he wants:1 or 2. Thus an archived document is managed by Netgovern Store in 2 or 3 copies. Netgovern Store has a mechanism that constantly checks the number of copies. If, at any given time, a copy is missing, Netgovern Store autonomously rebuilds the missing copy from the existing document(s).

Netgovern Store organizes the different copies of the document in order to reduce risks. Copies of the same document are put on different servers and on different disks. If you choose to manage each archived document in duplicate, it is recommended to use two Netgovern Store nodes. If you choose to manage each archived document in triplicate, you should use three Netgovern Store nodes.

In this manner, the organization does not need to set up a backup solution for data archived by Netgovern Archive and stored by Netgovern Store.

Netgovern Store manages a remote replica

Netgovern Store has a router that can remotely create a replica of archived data. The organization is completely protected in case of a major disaster (data center fire, flood, etc.).

Netgovern Store is a selfmanaged solution

Netgovern Store is a solution that manages itself
Depending on the conservation policies chosen, storage needs to be increased regularly. This manipulation is extremely simple with Netgovern Store. Simply add a disk to the server or simply add a server in the storage cluster. Netgovern Store will automatically realize that it has more space available and immediately begin to distribute the data to reduce the load of servers and to limit the risk of data loss.

Netgovern Store is very quick to set up and easy to administer

Netgovern Store is a software based on a Linux kernel that does not require any OS or any additional software. To install Netgovern Store, all you need is an x86 server with disks and connected to the network. Netgovern Store is installed by a simple reboot from a USB key.

Netgovern Store also includes a management console called Cluster Services Node (CSN) that allows you to group the management of all Netgovern Store nodes on a single VM. CSN also avoids the need to use a USB key: each Netgovern Store node retrieves the image of the VM from CSN.

Netgovern Store guarantees the integrity of archived data

Netgovern Store is a WORM: Write Once Read Many technology that prohibits any modification of the document. An archived email contains all the information that the original email contained at the time of its archiving (body of the message, metadata and attachments).

Netgovern Store prohibits unauthorized access

Netgovern Store is a CAS technology: the solution does not use a File System. So it is not possible for a administrator to browse stored objects. The only way to get a document for a computer scientist would be to program a “get”. Yet he would have to know the unique identifier of the document needed. Netgovern Store is a place of storage whose access is completely secured (security by obscurity) and which forbids, in fact, any unauthorized access by Netgovern Archive.

Indeed, the only way to access the archived document is to use Netgovern Archive. The user must identify himself and any action on an archive (reading, transfer, printing, annotation ..) is recorded.

Netgovern Store is a scalable system

The solution can theoretically handle several hundred petabytes (PB) without any worries.

On the other hand, since the Netgovern Store does not organize documents into File Systems, there is no problem with the number of documents that can be stored. For large organizations that archive a lot of emails over a very long time, they may be coming to the limits of File Systems for the number of files to manage.

Netgovern Store is a thrifty solution

The price of Netgovern Store depends only on the number of BALs processed and not the amount of data stored.

Netgovern Store is not necessarily required

Netgovern Archive can work without Netgovern Store. Netgovern Archive can use any storage solution based on the CIFS protocol.

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