Alinto continues its expansion in Europe with the acquisition of Pricewin Networks’ SerenaMail business

Alinto, European provider of cloud-based email software, announces the acquisition of SerenaMail, the anti-spam filtering business of Pricewin Networks, the Spanish specialist in email security based in Barcelona, through the signature of a joint venture.

The new company resulting from this acquisition is SerenaMail, named after the product created 20 years ago by Pricewin Networks, which remains in the capital. Already present in Madrid since 2012, Alinto is strengthening its international presence, particularly in Spain, with the opening of an office in Barcelona. It now offers its technology to Spanish customers to deal with growing cyber threats. SerenaMail has many customers such as: Activa Mutua, Asepeyo, Codorniù, Damm, Desigual, Mango, …

“Even though the cloud allows us to reach customers all over Europe, we believe that a local presence is not only necessary to help our customers in each country, but also to provide an effective anti-spam service, fuelled by the feedback from local users. This new step allows us to partner with a company that is totally complementary to the technologies offered by Alinto. The high level of expertise of the Pricewin Networks team helps us to meet the needs and challenges of Spanish companies, particularly in the field of cybersecurity.

Philippe Gilbert, founder and CEO of Alinto”.

“We were looking for a partner to support the development of SerenaMail and we are very pleased to help Alinto take this new international step forward. Through this alliance, our existing customers in Spain will benefit from a major upgrade in messaging security technology and customer experience.

Carlos Tico, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pricewin Networks”

European development and strengthened presence in Spain

Following the acquisition of the Swiss company CleanMail in 2016, the MA Software business in 2017 and this new acquisition in 2019 based on shareholders’ equity, Alinto has confirmed its development strategy and continued its annual growth of over 20% since 2015. Alinto aims to exceed €25 million in revenue in 2025 and to continue its expansion in Europe with new operations.

Now present in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, Alinto is further strengthening its international position by covering Europe, while building support teams in local languages, but also with the deployment of data centres in each country with national hosting solutions.

“We continue to grow, leveraging local teams and infrastructure in each European country where we operate, because we believe that the adoption of the Cloud means we must remain close to our customers. Each year, we invest nearly 25% of our turnover in research and development to better meet tomorrow’s technological challenges.

Philippe Gilbert, founder and CEO of Alinto”.