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Your business relies on email for your day-to-day communication. Your email infrastructure is the heart of your communication system, whether it’s for customer exchanges, internal business conservations or the transfer of confidential data. It cannot be allowed to be slowed down or targeted by malicious attempts.

Alinto’s email  solutions offer everything you need to keep your email communication up and running, protect your email infrastructure from cyber-attacks, and ensure the deliverability of your high-volume transactional emails.


Protect your email infrastructure, block email cyber threats out from inboxes and ensure email service is always available to your users.


Ensure that high volume transactional emails are delivered promptly and protect your IP and domain from blocklisting.


Archive email communications, on-premise or in the cloud to retain email records, reduce storage and IT costs, and comply with various regulations.

Corporate email

Choose a proven sovereign email server that offers control over your digital data as well as an unmatched user experience.

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Medium & large Enterprises

Keep control of your email management. Alinto is your seasoned partner for all email-related needs, from infrastructure and security to deliverability.

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Public Organization and Healthcare

Master email infrastructure, security risks, deliverability and costs. Alinto will help you build a robust email service for public organization and healthcare organisations.

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Managed Service Providers

Email security services partner for MSPs: Entrust your email topics to Alinto and focus on your core business.

Our professional email solutions and services

Alinto is all about one thing: business email. Recognised in the technology area of email, we focus on providing safe and secure email services for businesses of all sizes - in the cloud or on-premises.

Take control of your business email today!

With solutions that make your email more secure, more reliable and more sovereign. Our team of experts team is eager to help you get started.

« Our customers are increasingly sensitive to data privacy and digital sovereignty topics regarding their email solutions. This is not a surprise when you consider all the confidential information businesses share every day via email. »

Julien, Operation Manager, FRANCE

Alinto makes business email simple & safe

Alinto is a leading company in the field of email technology in Europe. We offer safe and secure email solutions and services for businesses. We provide reliable email hosting and delivery, as well as protection against cyber threats to keep your business running smoothly.

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Valued partner for MSPs, enterprises & administrations

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