Netgovern Detach, smart management of attachments

Netgovern Detach prevents email attachments from entering your mailbox and detaches large email attachments already in your Exchange email. Attachments are replaced by a simple HTTPS link and can be stored in the Netgovern Store. By analyzing each attachment, Netgovern Detach ensures they are not duplicate.

Smart management of attachments

On average, attachments fill 80% of the databases of an Exchange or Office 365 mail server. This is due to the abandonment of Single Instance Storage (SIS) since the Exchange 2010 release. Therefore, any attachments sent or received multiple times or multiple users is stored as many times as it is exchanged. Netgovern Scanit allows for a detailed audit of the Exchange volume for free. The accumulation of attachments therefore impacts the quotas of the users’ mailboxes but also the backup of the server and the future migrations. By detaching attachments Netgovern Detach can compensate for this phenomenon and even send and receive larger attachments with recipients outside the organization.

Detaching attachments on the feed

Detaching attachments directly in the server

Netgovern Detach allows you to detach existing attachments from your Exchange server. For example, it is possible to systematically detach all attachments for messages that were exchanged more than 3 months ago.

The benefits of Netmail Detach

  • No more quota to manage
  • No more storage waste: SIS (Single Instance Storage) is well insured
  • No need for Dropbox, or FTP
  • Exchange backups and maintenance are easier
  • No user experience change
  • The user can easily access his attachments from his mobile

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Further information

Netgover Detach is only compatible with Microsoft messaging platforms (Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365).
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