What is spamtrap and how does it work?

Spamtrap is an email address specially designed by anti-spam specialists to feed common email reputation databases.

This trap, also called “honeypot”, is a real email address, for which only spamhunters know that they have no other use than to detect a spammer. For information, a spammer is not necessarily a geek behind a computer, but rather the IP address of your mail server, or your mail domain that unconsciously sends spam. Indeed, the famous geek manages to deposit malware on your network that sends mass emails without you knowing it, or you may have sent an email yourself without knowing it in a spamtrap (Yes, it is possible).

There are 2 types of spamtrap email addresses, which can have different treatments by spam filters:


Primitive spamtraps

These are very effective traps to fight against spammers.

These specially created email addresses are deliberately left in web pages that are not too visible and that are detected by bots (computer robots) that enrich spammer’s databases. These addresses are free of any commercial exchanges and any registration on mailing lists or web forms. So, when this email address receives an email, the sender has necessarily retrieved this email address irregularly. Thus, the IP that sent this email or the email domain feeds common databases (RBL) that will block the sending.


“Recycled” spamtraps

These are old email accounts that are currently inactive. This may be the account of an ISP (Orange, Yahoo, Caramail, etc.) who terminated their subscription several years ago. These traps are less dangerous but, if you send a lot of emails to them, you will also get blocked very quickly.


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Therefore, in the context of email marketing, it is recommended not to buy massive databases at low prices that often contain obsolete addresses. It is better to do a real job on your contact database.

Major email security providers such as Alinto use these spamtraps in their fight against fraud and spam. They are sometimes shared with other operators and sometimes can only concern one actor.

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