SFA Handels GmbH : “Having an email security software is about protecting our company data and IT assets”

The Swiss company SFA Handels GmbH offers customer-related system solutions in all areas of industrial energy, environmental and process technology. Specializing in the areas of waste incineration and the planning and realization of waste incineration power plants, the company is a preferred partner of waste disposal companies and operators worldwide (mainly in Europe and Asia). 

In order to host and secure its webmail for its 12 employees, the company has chosen Alinto’s product : Cleanmail.

In this testimony, Marc Schenkel, Head of IT, finance and backoffice of SFA Handels GmbH, explains why the company has chosen a local provider and the importance of having an email security solution. 

Discover : 

  • Why the company dédcided to deploy an email security solution
  • Why it prefered to deal with a local partner
  • What are the main benefits of Cleanmail

Why choose a software at the other side of the world when you can collaborate with local actors ? The editor privacy is very important for us, I can see on the messaging platform where the emails transit. […] This is a constant  challenge for the editor to look for the best technologies for their clients. But until now, Alinto has risen to the challenge !” Marc Schenkel, Head of IT, finance and back office of SFA Handels GmbH.

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