Why deploy a secondary professional messaging system?

During certain events, such as professional elections, some companies or local authorities prefer not to use their employees’ usual professional email addresses, let alone their personal ones. This is done to prevent confusion regarding the nature of the messages. Moreover, larger organizations face the risk of overwhelming their sending and receiving servers, which could adversely affect the performance of their primary email system.

To avoid these issues, many companies opt for a second email provider. However, this approach comes with extra expenses and requires IT teams to invest a significant amount of time and effort. Moreover, deadlines can be tight, and message volumes of messages can be high, making it challenging to find a trustworthy partner within a reasonable budget. Nevertheless, it’s not an impossible mission!


Professional elections: why deploy a dedicated messaging system?

messagerie professionnelleBusiness email is a privileged channel for official communications. Ensuring that emails can be delivered and received properly is therefore essential. Some particular events such as professional elections require a significant amount of email communication, including applications, voting, news updates, reminders, and result announcements. While business email is the preferred channel for official communication, relying on the same server as the main email system for these events can compromise data confidentiality and damage the company’s email reputation, potentially leading to blocklisting.

With one-off events that involve all employees, the volume of emails can reach tens of thousands, overwhelming the business email system, which is not designed for mass emailing.  Selective routing can help, but it is time-consuming and cannot ensure fast and reliable delivery. But companies want these mailings to be more massive and fast. For companies that want fast and efficient communication, a secondary messaging system is the best solution, as it can handle high volumes of email traffic without affecting the main email system’s performance or other customers’ traffic.


A secondary server for more performance

serveur email

As previously mentioned, traditional professional messaging systems are not designed for mass emailing. The sending rate is typically a few emails per minute (an average of 3), which is inadequate for events that involve several tens of thousands of recipients! To overcome this limitation without resorting to an email marketing platform or risking blocklisting, it’s necessary to find a solution that allows sustained rhythm of email delivery.

Alinto offers such a solution through the SOGomail webmail, which can handle high volumes of email traffic without affecting the reputation of the primary email system or other domains. 

Additionally, a secondary email system based on SOGomail webmail allows companies to use their employees’ usual professional email addresses for event-specific communications, eliminating the need for personal emails and ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.


Transparency, support, reactivity: the benefits of a deployment by Alinto

When companies choose the webmail SOGo by Alinto as their secondary messaging system, they gain several benefits, including transparency, and responsiveness throughout the project. Alinto provides assistance from the initial stage to define the project objectives, offers support during the deployment phase for IT teams, and provides ongoing training, statistical insights, and quality support. 

Additionally, Alinto has extensive expertise in the email business, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of what can and cannot be implemented, allowing us to support companies in the best possible way. We offer 24/7 maintenance and management of email, providing IT departments with a sense of reassurance and convenience.