McAfee it’s over

McAfee, the end of a giant

McAfee will soon stop its messaging security service in SaaS mode. Following the acquisition of the company in 2014 by Intel, McAfee has been renamed “Intel Security”. The new entity had to find its new position, and wanted to focus more on integrated solutions. Thus, this refocusing brought an end to the SaaS offer and the sales of their Firewall.

So what’s next?

First of all, don’t freak out, the steps to stop this kind of services take quite long. Intel is planning to stop selling this service in 2016 and scheduled the halt of their support for late 2021.

So you have enough time to find a new provider. However when it comes to safety, you have to be prepared. Don’t rush, get an action-plan to choose a new solution:

  • Redefine your needs: it’s maybe time to ask yourself some necessary Do I have new needs? Have new solutions emerged? Etc.
  • Why not choosing a local partner, which is not tied up by US law. Communication and support will be easier, and moreover, some suppliers guarantee hosting data on your territory.
  • Choose an experienced Look at the market, check out reviews, users experiences and especially the durability of the products.

What if you choose the secured email relay Alinto Protect ?

Alinto is an expert in email for more than 15 years. Our core business is based on email, in SaaS, PaaS, or Cloud. Email, protection, collaboration, mobility… Our product range is adaptable to offer our clients a global offer referring to messaging services.

Our secured email relay Alinto Protect

Alinto Protect email relay uses an efficient antivirus and antispam combined with other filtering softwares. It stores or puts suspected emails in quarantine and that according to your own policies.

Ensure your users a 100% availability to their corporate messaging via the emergency Webmail (BCP) and enable them to find any email, even deleted ones, in the archiving safe. Your emails are always available even if the server is down.

It also allows you to archive your email up to 10 years.

Define your own security policies according to user needs. Protection and management of Whitelists/Blacklists for all, a long email archiving period for the board of directors, etc. With this flexibility, you optimize your budget.

Ask for our product sheet to get to know more, or contact us in order to ask for a product demonstration.