Alinto Protect v2 : Performance and enhanced security

Alinto Protect is a global protection solution for professional email systems.

Its incoming and outgoing filtering system is intended to protect the company’s communication system:

  • Prevent malicious messages from reaching the employees’ mailboxes: spam, phishing or ransomware.
  • Protect the reputation of the IP addresses and domains of the company, detecting infected PCs and avoiding blocklists.
  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan): Guarantee access to the mail through the emergency webmail in case of interruption or failure of the mail server.
  • Customize the security rules according to the needs of each company or collaborator.

Every day, numerous European companies entrust us with the security of their communication systems, regardless of the provider they choose: Alinto, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google, Zimbra or any other provider.

1. Log management in real time: more efficiency

One of the main novelties of the new version of Alinto Protect is the monitoring and analysis of logs in real time via the implementation of Stack ELK. These last generation Big Data tools (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) allow indexing and real-time analysis of mail logs and, therefore, guarantee control of the mail platform.

Thanks to Stack ELK, the Alinto Protect interface offers new possibilities:

  • Aggregation and indexing of logs.
  • Real-time management on the use of mail through the control panel
  • Personalization of the control panel: relevant information about the domains and the effectiveness of spam filtering.
  • Search for real-time registration optimized by indexing (selfcare)

These new features guarantee greater proactivity and better tracking of the platforms. In this way it is possible, for example, to quickly detect identity hacked accounts over geolocated IP addresses (Anti Spoofing).

2. New interface: Security by Design

The Alinto Protect interface has always offered a wide range of functionalities (management of block and allow lists, personalization of filtering rules, etc.), as well as a simple and ergonomic design.

The new interface, based on ReactJS, is more modern and responsive, and goes one step further in the visualization of panels and metrics:

  • Dashboard- relevant elements
  • Detail of antispam management: treatment, rejections…
  • Detailed information on the causes of rejection: RBL and Sender Verify
  • Detail on the email addresses – most used, rejected, …
  • Non-exhaustive list …
  • Geographical areas – spam, broadcast, rejections
  • Information about mail processing and delivery
  • Relative volume details – Received, processed, transmitted
  • Outgoing mail: top “from”, total number, volumetric

3. Antivirus and antispam reinforcement: Cleanmail Inside

Thanks to the integration of the antivirus and antispam engines of Cleanmail, the leading security provider in Switzerland, we can now manage internally and optimize the complete security process of the platform for a greater response capacity in the antispam fight.

Cleanmail has, in addition to its own RBL, a know-how recognized by international actors of the fight against spam. This engine provides Alinto Protect an expertise of the technology and a greater filtering efficiency.

In addition, it integrates two additional antiviruses. In this way, Protect protects email traffic with three different filters, which allows a greater capacity to respond to threats.

Launch of Alinto Protect v2

The new version of Alinto Protect will be available from the end of February 2019.