Product upgrade: Alinto Mail Protect

Alinto Protect 3.7 available end of June

Our “smart secured E-mail relay” Alinto Protect continues to evolve.

We are pleased to present the new features that will soon be available. It’s time to do the last tests and put them into production in a totally transparent way for your users.

First of all, we have a new operating platform.

In recent weeks, we have moved the Alinto Protect service towards a new-gen private Cloud.

This migration allows us to meet Alinto Protect’s success by increasing our operating capacity and strengthening security services that will be even more efficient.

On the functional side, the R&D teams have also brought a large number of new features that some of you have been eagerly awaiting.

The log management interface is more complete and easier to use. The data retrieved is clearer, allows faster analysis, and is more intuitive.

The quarantine report has also been redesigned, it now shows the messages with their sender and subject. A simple click in this e-mail allows the message to be delivered and/or the sender to be put into an allowlist.

A brand new Shared Quarantine feature is now available. Intended for administrators, it allows the management of user quarantines and to handle allow and blocklists.