What support is needed to deploy an enhanced anti-spam system?

As we saw earlier, the features of your email security software are critical. But there is another crucial aspect to consider: support. Whether it is during the design and scoping of your project, during the deployment of the solution or in the event of new questions downstream, you should choose a local service provider who acts as a true partner.

And that is what we offer at Alinto! Find out how we ensure the support of our customers at the heart of our solution.

Antispam software: Expertise and support above all

There is no need to repeat it, the protection of your professional email is critical for your company. It is therefore important to call upon a partner who has it in his DNA and who has in-depth knowledge of email security. And that is Alinto’s strength.

For more than 20 years, Alinto experts have been accompanying companies in the management of their professional messaging systems.  We meet their expectations, follow the evolutions and trends in terms of cyber-attacks and offer ever more advanced functionalities. We allocate 30% of our turnover on research and development to offer ever more effective solutions to secure our customers’ email systems. Through several acquisitions of companies specialising in email security, we have all the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the protection of your email inboxes, and beyond your information systems.

The support service is the keystone of our company.  Thanks to a ticketing system, our experts are notified in real time of situations encountered by their clients. They can thus provide a response or take decisions adapted to the problem within a timeframe that takes into account the risks.

Deployment of anti-spam solutions: Responsiveness is the keyword

accompagnement déploiement

In connection with the customer support service, the Alinto consulting teams are at your side during all the stages of your project. Prior to the deployment by helping to frame your project.  During the deployment, by accompanying you to install the software, and to configure the required functionalities. And post-deployment, with answers to your enquiries, the maintenance, the support…

We respond quickly to different needs, communicate efficiently between different departments in order to provide an adapted and fast solution. Our software, and hence your protection, gains from this agility. We know how troublesome it can be if your email service is interrupted, which is why proactivity is key for our services.

Beyond antispam: Optimising the messaging system management

To protect your business email, it is not enough to set up an anti-spam software, even if this is essential.  It is important to look beyond this to optimise the management and protection of your emails. Therefore, choose a software that offers additional features.

At Alinto, we offer, in addition to anti-spam and anti-virus protection :

  • An email archiving solution, useful for meeting the regulatory requirements. You choose what you want to retain and what you don’t, you can change the rules, frequency… and are alerted before the emails are deleted.
  • An SMTP mail relay to ensure that you send “clean” emails and do not jeopardise the reputation of your email domain.
  • Email encryption, which secures outgoing emails with an encryption system, required in the exchanges in a number of industries. Only administrators are impacted by encryption, which remains totally transparent for users.
  • Fax and SMS cloud services to provide a single solution for all your communication channels. Thanks to APIs or directly via emails, receive all the Alinto expertise to dematerialize your faxes and SMS.

Alinto also offers other services related to e-mail. With one common characteristic: proximity! Do you have a project or questions? Let’s get in touch!